WandaVision Finale Possibly Sets Up Arrival of Next Big MCU Villain

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Warning: if you haven't seen the finale episode of WandaVision, this post contains MAJOR SPOILERS so read at your own risk!

WandaVision's finale episode finally saw the jaw-dropping transformation of Wanda Maximoff to the Scarlet Witch complete with her new badass and almost comic-accurate outfit and to call it divine doesn't exactly do it justice. For weeks now, we've witnessed how Maximoff is becoming much stronger than she is before which is apparently the reason why Agatha Harkness has been trying to torment her.

As it turns out, Agatha wants to gain Wanda's abilities as the Scarlet Witch in hopes that it'll make her the most powerful witch in existence. It almost felt like Agatha was on her way to victory and when it seemed like Agatha was close to possessing all of Wanda's powers, she pulls a reverse card of her own, casting a protection spell that makes it impossible for the evil witch to absorb her energy.

Surprisingly, Wanda chose not to kill Harkness and instead trapped her in Westview as punishment, officially giving her the "nosy neighbor" moniker. After Wanda sets everything back to normal, she flees Westview to begin her training as the Scarlet Witch, and apparently, she was able to gain possession of the Darkhold.

To those unaware, the Darkhold aka "The Book of the Damned" was first introduced in Doctor Strange. It's a book of ancient spells made out of dark matter from the Hell Dimension. Wanda's intentions for obtaining the book remain clear at this point but it's safe to assume that she just wants to master her true abilities and awaken her untapped potential. However, considering the origins of the book, Wanda may face serious consequences for using it.

During the second end-credits scene of the finale episode, we see Wanda in a faraway fortress living on her own. Shockingly enough, the sequence reveals that Wanda has already learned how to astral project, and what's even more stunning is the fact that she's able to do it while her body remains conscious.

The eerie scene ends with Wanda's astral form hearing Tommy and Billy crying for help. The question is, is Wanda actually trying to bring back her family through the help of the Darkhold? Given the fact that she doesn't possess enough knowledge about witchcraft and sorcery, Wanda could end up pulling another "anomaly", on this time, on a grander scale.

What if she's the one responsible for causing "madness" all over the multiverse? The said end-credits scene seems to tease that the Scarlet Witch is on her path to destruction and the theories about her becoming the villain in Doctor Strange 2 seem more plausible now. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how everything plays out.

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