WandaVision Fans are Gushing Over Elizabeth Olsen's Comic-Accurate Look

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Credit: Marvel Studios

If there's one thing WandaVision has proven since its debut episode, it's that we're all pretty much enamored by Elizabeth Olsen's beauty and charm. The actress has been serving us several iconic looks over the last couple of episodes but Episode 6 is really special because we finally saw Wanda Maximoff in her comic-accurate getup.

Before anyone raises their eyebrows, yes, I'm very much aware that it isn't Scarlet Witch's actual suit but instead just a Halloween costume that aims to honor her comic book roots but still, it was a nice nod not a lot of us were expecting to see considering Olsen has been vocal about her displeasure over her character showing "too much skin" in the MCU.

Marvel viewers were glued to Episode 6 or the "Halloween Episode" as fans would like to refer to and a lot of people couldn't help but gush over Elizabeth's Scarlet Witch look or as Wanda would like to call it, her Sokovian fortune teller outfit.

Let's be frank, her comic-book look shouldn't work for a lot of reasons but somehow, Olsen manages to pull it off, and boy, she's beyond stunning! After seeing the episode, fans immediately stormed Twitter to express their admiration for arguably the series' most iconic look. Check out the reactions here:


While her MCU costume isn't too shabby at all, I think we can all agree that it was refreshing to finally see Elizabeth wear something close to the Scarlet Witch's comic book counterpart and mad props to her for actually insisting on putting on Wanda's Halloween costume even just for one episode. Now, I can't wait to see her upgraded suit in the show!

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