Wallis Day Says Batwoman Role Prepared Her for Sheroes

Credit: Syfy

Credit: Syfy

There is little doubt that Wallis Day has played several strong characters in her career. However, the Batwoman star revealed that playing Kate Kane prepared her for her role in Sheroes.

Wallis Day Claims Playing Batwoman Helped Her Prepare For Sheroes

In Sheroes, Wallis Day plays a tourist who sets out with her friends to enjoy a holiday in Thailand. But when one of the girls is kidnapped by a drug lord, the women will need to rely on each other to survive.

It's a different role for Day but she tells CBR that her training from Krypton and Batwoman helped her a lot.

"I think from my background with superheroes, particularly with Batwoman, you're trying to portray a highly skilled martial artist," she said.

"Whereas, like [co-star] Sasha [Luss] said, these are just girls [in Sheroes]," Day continued.

"My experience helped me learn the choreography and memorize moves, but I think on camera, it was more about unlearning the technique and trying to fight as an untrained girl would fight," she concluded.

It's an interesting way to put it considering that playing a superhero requires a lot of training. However, Wallis Day still needed to train in a different way for Sheroes.

Wallis Day took over as Kate Kane after Ruby Rose left Batwoman in the second season. She previously played Nyssa-Vex in Krypton. Day's other notable roles are as Holly Cunningham in the soap opera Hollyoaks and Amy Williams in Shield 5.

Day is currently set to appear in the Red Sonja reboot which will also star Matilda Lutz, Robert Sheehan, Michael Bisping, Martyn Ford, Eliza Matengu, Rhona Mitra, and Veronica Ferres.

Sheroes will star Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan: First Kill), Sasha Luss (Anna), Wallis Day (Batwoman), and Skai Jackson (Bunk'd). The film is set for a limited theatrical release on Jun 23, 2023.

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