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Marvel's Vision Quest Series Reportedly Getting Retooled

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Credit: Marvel Studios

One of the many MCU TV shows that is currently in the works is the WandaVision spinoff Vision Quest which will see Paul Bettany reprise his iconic role of Vision and star in his own project this time around.

While the plot details for the project are currently under wraps, it will reportedly follow White Vision after the events of WandaVision where he was last seen escaping from Westview into a place somewhere on Earth that is still unknown.

Given that the recently concluded writers' strike halted any work on all projects for the last five months, there has been a lack of updates regarding the development of the potential series and whether it will move forward to production anytime soon.

Now, a potential new update about the project has suggested that the series might no longer happen in its current form.

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Vision Quest is Reportedly Being Retooled Into Children's Crusade

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Credit: Marvel Studios

A recent post from the fan account @ScarletWitchUpd on X brought up that Vision Quest is longer included in the credits of the WGA profiles of the writers who worked on the project including showrunner Jac Schaeffer.

This prompted some concerns among fans that Marvel Studios might have already shelved the project which is why it disappeared in the profiles of the writers although that remains unconfirmed at the moment.

There were also some speculations that the credit might have been removed due to the new contract that the writers' guild tentatively agreed to recently with the studios.

Insider @CanWeGetToast responded to the post by hinting that the series is now being retooled into the Children's Crusade project. Marvel Studios has also not commented yet on this rumor.

If Vision Quest does end up being retooled into a new project or shelved entirely, it is certainly going to be a big deal for fans as it suggests that Marvel Studios has changed its mind regarding its plans for the White Vision.

Perhaps they want to focus more on introducing the Young Avengers which is why the retool is happening. There is also a likelihood that they want to lessen the stories and characters that they want to focus on. Either way, it could be a sign of a new direction.

We might be hearing more news and updates regarding the project in the coming weeks or months as the writers' strike just concluded and finally find out the reason behind the project's disappearance on the profiles.

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