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Virgin River Season 4 Spoilers, News & Update: Jack's Struggles Have Turned Him into a Toxic Character, Fans Think

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Credit: TVLine/YouTube

Virgin River Season 4 picks up with Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hammersley), still pregnant with Jack Sheridan's (Martin Henderson) twins and in a new relationship. Jack has also been preoccupied with Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) becoming pregnant and not knowing the father of the kid.

Jack begins to object to learning his father's identity, whereas Mel does. When reminded of his experience at war or in awkward situations, the business owner drinks more, leading fans to believe he's becoming too toxic.

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Jack Sheridan’s Troubles in Virgin River Season 4

Mel faces a problem in Virgin River Season 4. She has hope even if she doesn't know if her baby belongs to her departed husband, Mark, or to Jack. She's been longing to become a mother, and now she's one step closer to realizing her dream.

Jack is enthusiastic and encouraging, but he can't get beyond the paternity issue.

A charming new doctor who is looking to create a family has just arrived, which complicates everything.

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Charmaine Drops Bombshell Secret

The storyline around Charmaine's pregnancy developed during Season 2 of Virgin River. Jack is undoubtedly Mel's love interest, but Charmaine, with whom he had a "friends with benefits" relationship, is now pregnant.

This definitely puts a damper on Jack and Melinda's budding romance, and many are not entirely persuaded that the twins she is expecting are Jack's.

Virgin River adores cliffhangers, and the one at the end of Season 3 last year was one of the biggest yet. When Mel told Jack she was pregnant but unsure of the paternity of her new baby, fans had to wait a year to find out who the father-to-be was: Jack or Mel's deceased ex-husband, Mark. Fortunately, Virgin River Season 4 made it clear—Jack is, in fact, the father, as many fans suspected.

But, just when one baby question was answered, another appeared in the last seconds of Virgin River Season 4. After Jack and Mel travel to Charmaine's house to assist with a medical emergency, she explains that her mysterious illness is karma.

“I’m being punished. It’s because I lied. The twins—they’re not your babies,” she tearfully confesses to Jack.

Being the obediently upright man that he is, Jack's astonished expression shows that he hasn't even considered the notion of not being the twins' father. Who, then, is the father of Charmaine's twins on Virgin River if it's not him?

It's still an issue worth exploring even though Jack's life with Mel will likely become much, much simpler now that he doesn't have children with Charmaine.

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Is Jack Becoming Too Toxic for Mel?

Although Jack is the major love interest in Virgin River, some fans aren't in love with him.


Fans shared their reactions in a Reddit thread: “He’s too emotionally stunted and indecisive for someone as great as Mel,” one person claimed. “She deserves better than him, especially after all the trauma she’s been through.”

Fans have noticed that Jack has a lot of work to do. They'll have to wait and see if anything changes.

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