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Interview With The Vampire TV Series Spoilers, News & Update: TV Series Will Stay True To Anne Rice's Gay Subtext Between Louis & Lestat

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The upcoming Interview with the Vampire TV series will explore the LGBT subtext of the original books.

AMC announced in June 2021 that it would adapt Interview with the Vampire into an eight-episode television series. Rolin Jones, best known for his work on NBC's Friday Night Lights and HBO's Boardwalk Empire, will serve as showrunner. Two months later, it was revealed that Sam Reid would play Lestat, while Game of Thrones alum Jacob Anderson would play Louis.

Interview with the Vampire started filming in December 2021, and the show is scheduled to premiere in October. With the debut of the first Interview with the Vampire trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, AMC has now started to actively promote the reboot.

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Interview with the Vampire TV Series Will Explore Louis & Lestat’s Relationship

At the SDCC presentation for Interview with the Vampire, Jones stated that the program would embrace the LGBT undertone of the original book.

Lestat and Louis' relationship and sexuality have long been hinted at in the queer subtext of Interview with the Vampire, and Jones claims that this will continue. Jones claims that he wants to make the subtext of the book into text, something that the 1994 film adaptation was criticized for omitting.

Author Anne Rice, who died in December at the age of 80, was a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. While her original work was not well received by critics, Interview with the Vampire became an LGBT classic, and Rice acknowledged that Lestat and Louis were in a romantic relationship.

While the film version did not delve into Lestat and Louis' queerness, the gay subtext between the characters remained, albeit somewhat ambiguously. Jones' TV series, on the other hand, appears to be the first Interview with the Vampire adaptation to directly address Lestat and Louis' sexuality.

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Preserving Anne Rice’s True Work

The Interview with the Vampire TV series appears to be very different from all of the iterations that have gone before it because Rice was a producer on the TV show before she passed away and Jones is dedicated to exploring aspects of the novel that were not necessarily considered by the film adaptation.

This television series represents the first time in nearly 30 years that Rice's cult classic vampire novel will be adapted for the screen for a new generation since the film was released in the mid-90s.

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