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Outlander Season 7 Release Date, Spoilers & Update: Diana Gabaldon Drops Hints At Potential Final Season

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Is it possible that Outlander Season 7 will mark the end of the television series? Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, the show's stars, are now filming the seventh season of Starz's popular series in Scotland. The fictional couple, Jamie and Claire Fraser, are currently filming a massive 16-episode season that will span the conclusion of Diana Gabaldon's sixth book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, as well as her seventh book, Echo in the Bone.

Here’s what Gabaldon says about a potential end to the time-traveling drama.

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Outlander Season 7 Stars Have Hinted Endings Before

Balfe and Heughan were cast in their respective roles almost a decade ago. And both actors have only signed contracts through Outlander Season 7.

The actress stated that the fate of Outlander is not in her hands and that she has no say in the matter. However, she acknowledges that 10 years is a "nice kind of time frame" for wrapping up the series.

“We will have hit the almost 10-year mark by the end of [season 7], which feels like a nice kind of time frame, but we don’t know. Those decisions are far above my pay grade,” Balfe told Vanity Fair.

With the announcement of a new spinoff series for the Outlander universe on Starz, Heughan said that he could "absolutely see Outlander without me."

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Diana Gabaldon is Ready for Outlander Season 7 Being the Last

In addition to the show's specially constructed studio in Cumbernauld, Outlander Season 7 is now being shot in Pollok Park in Glasgow, Scotland. The show's seven seasons have apparently "amazed and pleased" Gabaldon. But she acknowledges that she and the show's creators have begun discussing possible endings.

“We came to a few conditional conclusions. But we won’t know until we get further down the road,” Gabaldon told The Times.

“If we have a season eight that would be totally great, and if we don’t get a season eight then the seven we have are really good, and we can contrive a reasonable ending if that should be the case. We keep our fingers crossed. It’s rare for a hit series to go that long.”

How Long is Outlander Meant to Last?

Balfe believes the series will continue "as long as the scripts remain good" and they "still have new things to explore." Each season of Outlander has practically covered the corresponding book in Diana Gabaldon's literary series, and the author is presently working on the tenth and last novel in the series.

She has hinted that the Starz series will have a full 10 seasons in order to convey the entire story of Jamie and Claire based on Gabaldon's completed works.

Outlander Season 1 through 5 is available on Netflix. Season 6 is now playing on the Starz app. Fortunately, fans won't have to wait too long to see the next installment. Deadline reported that fans could see the premiere of Outlander Season 7 as soon as "late 2022/early 2023."

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