Viral Bocchi, Kobeni, and Miorine Fanart Captures Trauma of Fall 22

Fall 22 Fanart Bocchi

Fall 22 Fanart Bocchi

Fall 2022 is surely going to be an anime season to remember, though not for some characters who have been put through the wringer in their shows. A new viral fanart perfectly captures the trauma of Fall 22 standouts Bocchi, Kobeni, and Miorine.

Their respective shows were among the highlights of Fall 22, though it’s not a stretch to say that they might need some counseling after the events that they went through.

Fall 22’s Traumatic Events

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While it had some funny moments, Chainsaw Man is a grim anime where characters aren’t safe from death.

Kobeni is probably one of the most normal characters of the series, and she’s been through lots of traumatic events in the first season.

Aside from getting stuck in an infinite hotel, Kobeni also saw her partner die and was forced to fight some fearsome foes.

Despite this, she continues to be part of Public Safety, at least until her bonus comes.

The Witch from Mercury's Miorine might not have gone through as much as Kobeni, but she’s certainly had a rough childhood. Things have begun looking up for her, though that was until the Season 1 finale.

Aside from nearly seeing her father die, she also ends up seeing a shockingly brutal scene where Suletta crushes a terrorist in front of her.

To further twist the knife, Suletta is unaffected by this brutal act and even acts all bubbly.

Bocchi may be an outlier among the three given that her anime is a light and fun show.

Though the events of the last episode where she stage-dived might be something she’ll want to repress due to her extreme social anxiety.

Bocchi, Kobeni, and Miorine Fanart

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While these three characters' stories will no doubt continue, now might be the only time that they can get some rest and some much-needed counseling.

Recently, @ireading62 on Twitter shared a fanart of the trio waiting in what seems to be a hospital’s psychiatric ward.

All three of them exhibit traumatized faces, with Bocchi even turning into goo.

As a bonus, Spy x Family’s Anya Forger is also there, implying that they might be at Berlint General Hospital.

The Fall 22 fanart quickly went viral online, with the tweet getting over 100k likes. This is unsurprising given that they are among the most popular characters of the season.

If they are in Berlint General Hospital, chances are that they’ll get psychiatric counseling from Loid Forger. Though even Loid’s abilities might not be enough to help them overcome their traumatic Fall 22 experiences.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury will continue in July 2023.

Meanwhile, Bocchi the Rock! and Chainsaw Man have not yet announced their respective second seasons.

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