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VALORANT Episode 3, Act 3 Kickoff Trailer Shows Off New Agent, Weapon Skins & More

VALORANT Episode 3, Act 3 launches today with a brand new battle pass, weapon skins, and major updates with Patch 3.09. Riot will also be releasing the new Agent, Chamber a couple of weeks from today following the delay. To get fans hyped for the latest VALORANT Act, Riot Games has released an exciting trailer that highlights the new content coming with Episode 3, Act 3.

Watch the trailer here:

The latest battlepass will feature brand new weapon skins and unique in-game cosmetics such as gun buddies and meme-inspired paint sprays that players will love. Just like previous VALORANT battlepasses, the premium track will cost players $10 to unlock.

Players will have 10 weeks to earn enough XP to unlock the new items, including Aero Frenzy (with variants!) or the Plant Plant Spray. The Premium option will have special items such as the Genesis Arc Melee and the Dumpster Fire Gun Buddy.

The trailer also highlights Chamber, the seventeenth VALORANT Agent/ weapons specialist, and the latest Sentinel to join the roster in this Act, but players will have to wait two more weeks before they can unlock this Agent.

To celebrate the release of Netflix's upcoming League of Legends animated series Arcane, there will also be an Arcane Collector's Set that will be available in the VALORANT store, which will be available during the RiotX Arcane VALORANT event. In addition, players can also level-up a free Arcane-inspired pass.

The new comic book-inspired Radiant Crisis 001 skinline will also be available in the game store starting today.

VALORANT Episode 3, Act 3 launches today. You can read the Patch Notes 3.09 here. The update includes a significant Classic nerf, changes to the map Fracture, bug fixes, and updates to esports features.

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