Upcoming Doom Movie Reboot Won't Include The Spiderdemon

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While superhero movies might be what's in right now, there are still a lot of video game films being made. Granted, we don't have any good video game movies right now, with Rampage being the "best" one by default with a mediocre 53 in Rotten Tomatoes but it's nice to know that Hollywood won't stop trying.

Speaking of movies that had Dwayne Johnson, we're getting a reboot of Doom soon with a female lead and no Johnson in sight. Sadly, it also won't have another iconic fixture from the series; the Spiderdemon.

Confirmed by the reboot's director Tony Giglio, though not without trying. Giglio said that they tried to incorporate the Spiderdemon into the movie but it wouldn't jive with the script. The director said that they would try to bring this creature into the next movie, assuming there is a sequel.

How iconic is the Spiderdemon? It has been around since the original Doom games when they were some of the first 3D games around. They were also in the recent Doom game reboot from Bethesda, which ended up being one of the best first-person shooters that year. It's a shame that we won't see them in the new movie but we can always wait for a sequel.

Doom does not have a release date yet.

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