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Why Bethesda's Doom Sequel is Called Doom Eternal and Not Doom 2

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When Bethesda and id Software announced Doom Eternal, fans originally thought they were going to get a big single-player expansion of the original game. However, when it was clarified that the game was actually a sequel, fans were both delighted and confused. Delighted because a sequel means more effort put into the gameplay and confused because it's not called Doom 2.

Speaking with IGN, id Software creative director Hugo Martin said that the name was chosen so that fans wouldn't have a hard time finding it online. Martin semi-regrets the Doom reboot not getting a better name since it has led to fans calling it Doom 2016 so that they can differentiate it from the original game.

Considering how the previous series has three main games, this was probably the wisest move to make. There were plans for a Doom 4 but they decided to reboot the series so that it would be more approachable towards newbies. It was a huge success, winning a ton of awards and being the favorite shooter of many that year.

It is awfully considerate of them to change the sequel's name for search purposes since very few developers would have done that. Bethesda also rebooted Prey without the original ever having a sequel to the company has made this mistake as well.

Doom Eternal is slated for a 2019 release.

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