Uniqlo Unveils Attack on Titan Collection Coming Out Soon

Attack on Titan Uniqlo Eren

Attack on Titan Uniqlo Eren

To mark the release of Part 3 and the upcoming Part 4 premiere later this year, Attack on Titan teamed up with Uniqlo for a new graphic tee collection that will be released in Japan next week.

This new collection features seven graphic tees – more than the previous Uniqlo releases such as the Spy x Family line which only had four designs per batch.

With these new tees, fans can rep their Attack on Titan fandom outside. And at the perfect time too, as it’s soon going to be t-shirt season in many parts of the world.

Uniqlo x Attack on Titan Graphic Tee Collab

Uniqlo is no stranger to anime collaborations. Aside from the Spy x Family line last year, Uniqlo also has other collabs like the Makoto Shinkai line.

While this dedicated Attack on Titan collab is new, this isn’t the first time that the Japanese clothing giant will release Shingeki no Kyojin tees.

Previously, some Titan-themed shirts were released in a Weekly Shonen Magazine collab.

Now, there are seven new designs, some of which feature prints of iconic panels from Hajime Isayama’s manga.

Specifically, there are two black tees, one featuring the words "Attack on Titan" and another with the iconic "sasageyo".

There are also two white t-shirts, one featuring Levi and another with a specific manga panel.

Rounding out the collection are three more tees in brown, grey, and “Scout Regiment” green, all of which feature prints of select Titans.

Based on the official website page, these tees will be available in men’s sizes, from extra small to 4XL.

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Attack on Titan Collection Release Date, Special Box

To commemorate the new collection, Uniqlo also revealed that purchases made via the Japanese online shop will come in a special box featuring panels from the Attack on Titan manga.

These boxes will only be available in limited quantities though. Plus, fans won’t be able to choose which box they’ll get.

Attack on Titan is once again trending online, as The Final Season Part 3’s one-hour special was released last week.

Unlike the previous parts, Part 3 only consists of this hour-long episode.

The anime will end with The Final Season Part 4, which will premiere sometime in Fall 2023, though there’s no word yet on what format it will have.

But before that, fans in the US will be happy to know that the Uniqlo collection will be released in stores on March 30, 2023.

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Source: Uniqlo Japan

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