UKISS Jun, Jung In Sun To Join NU’EST JR, AB6IX Kim Dong Hyun, Yoon Ji Sung, Jang Dong Joo In New SBS Kdrama About Idols

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Credit: OCN

Here's another Kdrama to watch out for if you're looking for a series with familiar K-pop idol faces!

SBS has earlier announced its plans to cast several renowned personalities for the network's upcoming series I'll Be Your Night and one of the first names to be confirmed is NU'EST leader and main rapper JR (Kim Jong Hyun).

News about this casting call reached global fans, and was ecstatic to find out that the Nation's Leader is finally having his acting debut on the small screen. Alongside the idol are AB6IX Kim Dong Hyun, former Wanna One leader Yoon Ji Sung, and actor Jang Dong Joo. The aforementioned celebrities are to form a popular idol band called LUNA.

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I'll Be Your Night Main Cast

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Credit: JTBC

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Days after the initial report of an SBS Kdrama in the works, rumors about the main leads for I'll Be Your Night started circulating in online communities.


Finally, the fans' theories came to a conclusion with the confirmation that UKISS member Jun (Lee Jun Young) and actress Jung In Sun will unite to present warm and sweet chemistry as the main leads.

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The Imitation actor Lee Jun Young will portray Yoon Tae In, the leader, vocalist, and producer of the idol band LUNA. The world star has been enjoying success since his debut without any fears but has built a wall to halt anyone to enter his life. However, things gradually start to change as he gets involved romantically with a stay-in physician while being treated for sleepwalking.

Jung In Sun will play the warmhearted In Yoon Joo, a travel guide for lonely elderly people who dream of having her own house one day. She happens to be entangled in an unexpected incident that made her employed as a physician who stays inside LUNA members' dormitory.

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I'll Be Your Night Supporting Cast, Members Of The Idol Band LUNA

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The members of the idol band LUNA will also have their contributions in fluttering the viewers' hearts with the upcoming Kdrama I'll Be Your Night.


In particular, NU'EST JR will breathe life into the character of Lee Shin, the bassist of LUNA who seems to be a calm and free-spirited person but in reality, he is a pure and passionate guy who gives his all for love. Lee Shin is the second youngest in LUNA and has a huge fanbase of older women fans (noona).

Former Wanna One leader Yoon Ji Sung is LUNA's drummer Kim Yoo Chan. He is the eldest member who seems to act like the youngest. Kim Yoo Chan may look like an icon of desire but turns out to be a lonely boy covered with scars from the past.

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LUNA's youngest member Ga On will be portrayed by AB6IX member Kim Dong Hyun. Ga On is the band's youngest member, overcoming the 10000:1 competition two years before his debut. He is described to have an uncontrollable personality who makes everyone intimidated by his charisma.

Finally, Jang Dong Joo will play Seo Woo Yeon, the guitarist and spiritual pillar of LUNA. He takes care of the members and makes sure to comfort them whenever something goes wrong. Seo Woo Yeon is a character that every viewer will like without reservation and will have a major role as a love triangle with Yoon Tae In over In Yoon Joo.

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I'll Be Your Night Plot And Storyline

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Credit: OCN

I'll Be Your Night will be a story about a world star idol who suffers from sleepwalking who gets involved in a bickering romance with a fake physician who ends up living at the idol band's dormitory.

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I'll Be Your Night Release Date

The imminent series I'll Be Your Night has been reported to be in progress since 2019. Now that the main characters are already confirmed and are in the midst of preparing for the drama's filming, we can expect I'll Be Your Night to air in the second half of 2021. Viewers can definitely anticipate the chemistry between the main leads as well as the interesting side stories of the members of the idol band.

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