Lee Min Ho Revelation: Suzy's Ex Details His Evil Character In Pachinko, Reveals His Creative Side

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Lee Min Ho has been hitting headlines lately due to his stunning and jaw-dropping endorsement photos for the French fashion house and luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Not only that because of the Boys Over Flowers star also graced the cover of Esquire Magazine and revealed some interesting details about his current hobby and upcoming series titled Pachinko.

The former boyfriend of Suzy Bae took time to discuss his motivations in launching his own YouTube Channel and his thoughts about playing an antagonist role. Keep on reading to know more details about Lee Min Ho!

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Lee Min Ho Describes His Villain Character In Pachinko

In the latest issue of Esquire Magazine, Lee Min Ho gave some details on his imminent K-drama series called Pachinko. The 34-year-old South Korean star told the fashion and lifestyle publication that he prefers portraying real characters now compared to the ones he did in the past.

Lee Min Ho revealed he is no longer interested in playing characters that are far from reality. This, according to the City Hunter actor, is one of the many reasons why he agreed to star in Pachinko.

"Now that I'm in my mid-thirties, I prefer what's real. If it's far from real, I don't agree with it, and it gets harder and harder. When I got the offer to audition for 'Pachinko' and reviewed the script, I was convinced that with this project, I could give it a go. That I wanted to give it a try. I think thanks to this conviction, the audition went well."

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Another factor that persuaded Lee Min Ho to take on the challenge to portray a character that is far from what he had done before is the fact that Korea's take on history would be filmed through the eyes of foreigners.

Most, if not all, fans are aware that Lee Min Ho started playing supporting roles until he was given a chance to lead a series in Boys Over Flowers in 2019. His exemplary portrayal as Gu Jun Pyo helped him gain widespread fame worldwide.

Lee Min Ho, as per Soompi, had also graduated from playing fictional characters, such as being a prince charming, after The King: Eternal Monarch. The Legend of the Blue Sea star stated:

"I could take part in fantasy-like romance in my late thirties and forties, but it'll be a bit different. There are stories that are realistic and appropriate for each age range. Whether that is a desperate one, or one that heals. I don't think there will be any more stories of showing up to save the female character when she's in need. When characters grow older, they seldom find themselves in that kind of danger. And women these days also save men."

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Lee Min Ho Talks About His Successful YouTube Channel

Besides his forthcoming K-drama series, Lee Min Ho also discussed some interesting details about his very own YouTube channel, which has already garnered more than 700,000 subscribers since its launch in October 2020. Apart from being the focus of his vlogs, the former co-star of Park Shin Hye in The Heirs has also been involved in the editing processes of the videos.

"While filming, there are moments where you go, ‘Ah, I've got to use this.' But when I go watch the final video, there are scenes that I miss. In order to prevent that from happening, I go in and watch everything through. Putting it in order helps the editor understand what I want. It's a better explanation that saying it a hundred times over. But it's not like I'm stubborn about exactly what I want. I ask the editor to edit in their style and later we mix the two edits."

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Lee Min Ho also commented that most of his outputs have a certain depth while bringing both happy and gloomy vibes. The Personal Taste actor shared:

"Because in real life, there are two sides to everything. When I work, there are good things but also uncomfortable things. There are happy moments but also sad moments. I think I like the emotions of both sides. I try to live my life balancing in the middle."

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