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TXT Yeonjun Reportedly Has No Roommate In Shared Dorm

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

TXT Yeonjun is the oldest member of the group. Despite this, though, he is not the official leader.

In the five-member K-pop act from Big Hit, reports said that the members have no specific positions, unlike other groups. As noted, the idols switch roles in every comeback they have done since their debut in 2019.

But, while this dynamic sets them apart from other K-pop acts, they still share many similarities with other groups. One of these things is living with co-members under a single roof.

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TXT Yeonjun Reportedly Has His Own Room

Yeonjun may be living with his co-members in one apartment. But, it has been recently learned that he has his own bedroom in the unit.

The information comes from K Profiles, which features dedicated pages for K-pop idols. In one of its latest updates on the TXT member’s profile, it notes that he does not have a roommate because he is on his own in terms of room-sharing.

Confirmations have remained scarce, however, as the idols do not typically share such details before the public. But, it is not unlikely, considering that he is the oldest member.

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Previous Living Arrangement Of TXT

This is not always the case, though, for the members of TXT. Upon their debut in 2019, the five K-pop idols once talked about their living arrangements at the time.

The discussions about their shared beds and apartment during their debut days took place when they appeared as guests on an episode of After School Club. Leader Soobin was the one who revealed that, technically, they do not have roommates because they all share one bedroom.

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Instead, they had “bed-mates” because they slept in bunk beds inside the room.

The TXT members revealed further that the maknae line was on top bunks while their hyungs were on the bottom.

Yeonjun consequently joked about the arrangement, saying that the older members were sleeping at the bottom because it was a challenge for them to climb up to the top bunks.

Watch this space for more TXT Yeonjun news.

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