TXT Huening Kai Diet 2022: Group's Maknae Offers Small Tip To Fans

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

TXT Huening Kai and his co-members once sat down to answer some pre-picked letters from fans and followers. They did the activity during an episode of Speak Out For You back in 2021.

The group’s maknae was the first one to read a letter and to provide his response. Koreaboo said that the fan mail was about a fan who was having problems with a sibling over dieting.

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A "Small," Helpful Dieting Tip From TXT Huening Kai

After reading the letter, Huening Kai firmly urged the fan to start their diet “now.” He consequently shared a “small diet tip” to help them get started.

The K-pop idol asserted that “chewing gum helps a lot.” While he described it as a “small” tip and hack, he deemed it very helpful.

In the same engagement, the maknae of TXT explained the gum itself was not the point of it. “It was the act of chewing,” as it would make one feel full.

Before ending his response, Kai cheered the fan and the sibling. He consequently encouraged them to “try chewing gum” before saying, “good luck.”

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About The Maknae's Daily Diet

In a 2021 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the five K-pop idols shared what their day-to-day diet looks like. Starting with their breakfast meals, Huening Kai first revealed that he used to eat apples to kick off his day.

He explained that it makes him feel like his digestive system is working. But, these days, they usually eat rice for breakfast.

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As for lunch, the TXT members said they do not have specifics due to the options they have using today’s delivery apps. The idols noted, though, that their choices would depend on their schedules.

When it comes to dinner, the maknae of the act shared that he would rather have “milk and boiled eggs.” But, he pointed out that he would only eat if he has to, except when there is pizza.


Watch this space for more TXT Huening Kai news.

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