BTS RM Relationship 2022: Is He Dating Anyone In Secret?

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS RM is the leader of the arguably, most popular K-pop group in the world. With his and his co-members’ apparent fame and success over the years, many fans wonder about their private lives, especially their relationship statuses.

Since the septet’s debut in 2013, romance rumors and allegations have remained evident. But, most of these reports, if not all, are groundless and unsubstantiated.

To date, the question of whether he is in a relationship still lingers.

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Is BTS RM Dating Anyone In 2022?

As far as the public is concerned, RM is not dating anyone. He has not been in a relationship since their group debuted nearly a decade ago.

Behind closed doors, however, no assurances have surfaced with regard to the matter. Nevertheless, reports believe that the BTS leader, as well as the rest of the group members, have little to no time at all to be in a relationship amid their time in the spotlight.

Despite this, the K-pop idol once revealed that he had a girlfriend in high school. It did not last long, though, because they were “incompatible,” as per his statement, according to Channel-Korea.

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About The Romance Rumors And Allegations

Over the years, RM has continued to face romance rumors and dating allegations. Most of them involved other K-pop idols, like MAMAMOO Hwasa, Ailee, and TWICE Chaeyoung, as per Kpop Starz.

Most of the speculations reportedly came from netizens who shipped the BTS leader to colleagues with similar interests and chemistry. Some of the claims even emerged after a public engagement, like the one wherein he hosted an event, alongside songstress Ailee.

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The most recent dating rumor, though, appeared to have surfaced late last year. Republic World said that the allegations were from a YouTuber, who claimed that RM had been in a relationship with an art enthusiast since 2019.

Bit Hit Music immediately squashed the reports, noting that they were not true. It also stated that it would take legal actions “against those spreading misinformation, malicious rumors, insults, and sexual harassment towards BTS.”

Watch this space for more BTS RM news.


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