TXT Taehyun Skincare 2022: How He Cares for His Skin Explained

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Three years have passed since TXT Taehyun, and his co-members debuted as K-pop idols. But, despite this, fans and followers still have a lot to learn and know about the artists.

Personalities in the world of K-pop rarely discuss details of their personal lives. For some, these include the practices they do in taking care of themselves, including even their skincare.

This seemingly applies to Taehyun, as there is very little information about how he takes care of his skin.

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Does TXT Taehyun Follow A Regimen?

Similar to most of the members of TXT, Taehyun has yet to reveal the details of his skincare regimen. It is also unclear whether he follows one or not, although it would not come as a surprise if the K-pop idol has a routine.

The only group member who has shared an insight into their skincare practices is its leader, Soobin.

He previously revealed to fans and followers that taking the right amount of sleep and rest is all it takes for him to have clear skin, according to Koreaboo.

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About The Korean Skincare Routine

While Taehyun has not revealed his regimen, reports have shared the details about the well-known Korean skincare routine, which many K-pop idols follow to date.

Cosmopolitan previously released a run-down of the steps, starting from cleansing all the way down to moisturizing.

But, apart from using facial cleansers and moisturizers, in addition to sunscreens for the morning routine, the list also includes the application of toners, serums, ampoules, essences, and eye creams.

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Endorsing Skincare Brands

Taehyun and most of his co-members may have yet to disclose their skincare practices, but the all-male act has already had two skincare brand endorsements.

Allure said K-beauty brand It's Skin named the five K-pop idols as its global models in 2019.

While the endorsement deal reportedly concluded in 2021, the TXT members have since become the new ambassadors of another skincare label, Manyo Factory, as per Kpop Wiki.

Watch this space for more TXT Taehyun news.

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