TXT Huening Kai Workout Regimen Involves Variety of Exercises: Report

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

TXT Huening Kai reportedly does various kinds of exercises that help him improve his figure and overall visuals.

Unlike other K-pop idols, it appears that the Blue Hour singers do not shy away from sharing their fitness activities with their fans and followers. This comes as reports have obtained information about the workout regimens of the group members, including their maknae.

Channel-Korea previously released a rundown, revealing what Huening Kai and his co-members do to improve and maintain their fitness and health.

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TXT Huening Kai And His Reported Fitness Activities

The publication claimed that Huening Kai has a lot of fitness activities in his regimen. These reportedly include strength training, core training, and cardio exercises.

As stated, consistency is the key to such a combination of workouts. While the outlet did not reveal how many times the TXT maknae does each fitness activity per week or how long per session, it seemingly implied that the exercises work for the idol as he does them consistently.

Also, the publication did not dwell on the details of the said regimen. It is unclear what specific exercises the K-pop idol does for each training session.

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Boxing Is Reportedly Part Of The Regimen

Health-Yogi, meanwhile, reported that Huening Kai does his workout regimens five times a week. He is also said to spend about 45 minutes to an hour per session.

It is unclear, however, whether the claims are legitimate. But, the outlet provided a guide to help readers get started with their fitness activities similar to the K-pop idol's regimens.

Elsewhere in its report, the outlet said that the TXT maknae likes boxing. He reportedly does it when he has time for the activity.

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Huening Kai On Dieting

In other related reports, Koreaboo said that the K-pop idol once shared a "small" tip to help individuals with their diet.

During an engagement for an episode of Speak Out For You, Huening Kai and his co-members answered some questions from fans. He received an inquiry about dieting, with the fan seeking advice.

The TXT maknae shared that "chewing gum helps a lot," adding that it makes one "feel full" due to the act of chewing.

Watch this space for more TXT Huening Kai news.

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