BTS RM Reveals True Purpose of His Instagram Account

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Nearly a year has passed since BTS RM, and the rest of the group launched their personal Instagram accounts.

For years, the K-pop idols utilized only one official account until they opened their respective pages in December. They have since continued to provide fans with personal photos and clips of themselves and their other interests outside the world of K-pop.

While avid followers get to have glimpses of the idols' lives behind closed doors via their official personal accounts on the platform, the space has a much deeper purpose for the group leader, according to Koreaboo.

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BTS RM On The Purpose Of His Account

The publication shared that RM revealed his thoughts about his personal Instagram account during an interview with ARTnews earlier in July. It reportedly came after he was asked about his "relationship" to his page and whether it has a "specific purpose" for him.

The BTS leader was said to have asserted that users these days tend to use their Instagram feeds to represent themselves, adding that he believes the platform is one of the best spaces for "self PR and branding."

But, for RM, his official personal account is reportedly "just an archive" of himself. He was also said to have pointed out that the feed is "an archive for both RM," the public figure on stage, "and Kim Namjoon."

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About The Group Leader's Page

With RM deeming his Instagram account "an archive," this appears to explain the username he chose for his official personal page.

The account carries the handle, "rkive," which seems to be a wordplay at his name and the word, "archive."

To date, the BTS leader has over 38.8 million followers on the platform and follows only seven accounts. These feeds belong to his six co-members, in addition to the group's official Instagram page.

RM has only made 124 posts since the launch of his account nearly a year ago.

Watch this space for more BTS RM news.

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