TXT Beomgyu Diet Reportedly Focuses on Traditional Korean Dishes

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

TXT Beomgyu does not appear to follow strict regimens when it comes to his diet. But, some reports stated that he limits his intake of certain foods, especially junk and unhealthy ones.

In addition, hydration reportedly plays an essential part in the idol's day-to-day diet. He even once shared in an interview that he starts his day with a glass of cold water.

Health-Yogi previously released a rundown, looking at Beomgyu's diet and workout activities. It stated in its piece that the idol's meals and beverages are mostly traditional and Korean staples.

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Healthy Meals For TXT Beomgyu

The outlet claims Beomgyu follows a diet that mostly features traditional Korean dishes. It notes that meals that fall under the said category are rich in protein, fiber, and nutrients.

It also says that the TXT member limits his consumption of processed and sugary foods. Aside from these, he does not reportedly take fat-rich meals too much.

Accordingly, it appears that the K-pop idol prefers healthy options when it comes to his food intake, with the outlet adding that he is "fond" of his mother's cooking.

As for his choice of drink, Beomgyu reportedly consumes lots of water throughout the day. This is said to help him stay hydrated and energized despite his busy schedule.

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What He Consumes In A Day

Earlier in 2021, the members of TXT talked about their daily diet in an interview with Harper's Bazaar. They specifically revealed what they eat and drink in a day, including their preferred snacks.

Koreaboo, in its report covering the exchange, shared that Beomgyu discussed how he always finds himself feeling thirsty upon waking up in the morning. So, to quench it, he said he starts his day with a glass of water before eating his chosen breakfast meal.

The idol also clarified in the interview that he prefers "extremely cold" water, as per the publication.

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The TXT member did not seemingly reveal the specific foods he eats for lunch. The same goes for dinner, but the outlet stated that only Taehyun takes meals in the evening.

When it comes to snacks, Beomgyu is said to be not very fond of them. He is reportedly not a big snacker, although he admitted to grabbing a bite or two from co-members' foods when he finds them delicious.

Watch this space for more TXT Beomgyu news.

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