TWICE Tzuyu Skincare Routine Focuses on Hydration, Involves Meat-Less Diet

Credit: TWICE/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TWICE/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Tzuyu previously talked about skincare and shared some of the things she does for her skin. While her practices may not be as elaborate as what others do, her routines appear to be fitting for her.

The engagement, which she did with co-member Momo, was with Harper's Bazaar, according to Koreaboo. The two idols shared some tips and secrets on taking care of the skin effectively, aside from revealing their routines and other things related to skincare.

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TWICE Tzuyu Addressing Her Skin Concerns

For Tzuyu, skincare is all about knowing her skin and addressing its concerns. As noted, her approach to it is "straightforward" and "thorough."

In the interview, the group's maknae was said to have shared that she previously realized she has "dry" skin. So, in taking care of it, she reportedly ensures to choose products that are "very moisturizing" and hydrating.

The TWICE member did not reveal, however, the exact brands and items she utilizes for her skincare regimen. But, some reports claimed she once talked about using sheet masks.

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One Hydrating Sheet Mask Is Not Enough

KpopStarz reported that Tzuyu puts on more than one sheet mask on her face, adding that it is one of her beauty secrets. As claimed, she usually uses two masks in one application.

But, sometimes, the TWICE maknae reportedly wears one regular sheet mask and covers it with a silicone mask. The outlet explained doing so helps the skin lock in the moisture and essences from the first sheet.

Elsewhere in the report, published earlier in February, it was noted that the K-pop idol receives beauty products from her mother from Taiwan. She was claimed to have stated that trying them out is part of her skincare routine.

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A Meat-Less Diet For A Spot-Less Skin

Another thing that reportedly makes up Tzuyu's skincare practices is her eating habits.

The same publication recalled a Naver's VLive engagement the TWICE maknae previously had, wherein she admitted to being not the type of person who regularly sees a dermatologist. She was said to have emphasized that her skin greatly benefits from her meat-less diet instead.

Watch this space for more TWICE Tzuyu news.

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