TWICE Chaeyoung Workout: She Reportedly Prefers Exercising Over Doing Extreme Diets

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TWICE Chaeyoung once allegedly admitted to sometimes feeling there are things about herself she does not like.

She cited her career as a K-pop idol, saying, “I have a job based on physical appearance,” according to Channel-Korea.


This is likely why the group’s main rapper takes good care of her visuals, including her fitness and health. Similar to most celebrities in the world of K-pop, she incorporates workout regimens into her lifestyle.

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TWICE Chaeyoung Does Not Reportedly Do Extreme Diets

In taking care of her figure and shape, Chaeyoung maintains the ideal body weight for herself. But, reports said she avoids following diets, especially extreme ones.


The idol is claimed to have preferred healthier options for her fitness goals. She reportedly limits her meal intakes instead of avoiding them altogether.

It is also said that the TWICE member does intermittent fasting, which some K-pop idols do for their fitness and health today.

On top of her healthy diet, Chaeyoung reportedly goes to the gym for her workout.

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About The Idol's Routines

There is very little information as to how the TWICE main rapper does her workout routines. Health-Yogi even noted that her preferred regimens are not widely well-known, unlike her co-members, Momo’s and Jihyo’s.

Nevertheless, the outlet unearthed a report from Koreaboo, wherein the Alcohol-Free singers talked about their workout and training sessions. As stated, Chaeyoung confirmed that she works out, although she did not elaborate on the matter.


Despite the lack of details, it is claimed that the idol gave fans some idea about her routines. She reportedly shared she is not that “vast fitness freak” like Momo.

Elsewhere in the report, it is stated that Chaeyoung goes to the gym to train and work out for an hour every day.

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Chaeyoung As A Fitness Inspiration

A separate report from Koreaboo, meanwhile, showed some of Chaeyoung’s most “fitness inspiring” photos. It noted that the pictures feature the idol’s toned muscles and fit figure.

The publication said that with the TWICE member’s physique, she could make any outfit and ensemble work for her. It even suggested that she could be a fitness trainer if she is not an idol.

Watch this space for more TWICE Chaeyoung news.


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