ITZY Yuna Fashion Style, Pieces And Preferences Explored

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

ITZY Yuna debuted as a K-pop idol in 2019. She has since sported various styles and looks, offering stylish appearances to fans and followers.

Among all the pieces the group maknae has worn over the years, Unnie Looks made a run-down of what appears to be her top picks and favorites. These include specific fashion items, like tops and accessories, and overall ensembles.

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Yuna's Reported Top Picks For Outfits, Ensembles

The publication claimed that Yuna loves all-black outfits. This reportedly comes as she has donned all-black pieces from head to toe in almost every picture she has posted on social media platforms.

It is also said that the ITZY member appears to prefer “mixing and matching” different cuts and textures of pieces in the shade. Moreover, it is added that she “enjoys experimenting” with various garments and accessories.

Aside from the all-black outfits, the group maknae is also believed to have preferred wearing Adidas ensembles. As noted, she and the rest of her co-members previously collaborated with the brand, seemingly allowing her to build outfits based on an athletic wardrobe.

Coordinating sets and combination outfits are also reportedly Yuna’s thing when it comes to fashion.

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Group Maknae On Her Favorite Sartorial Pieces

For the specific sartorial items the ITZY member likes, Unnie Looks also included this aspect in its run-down piece.

Yuna, for her choices of tops, it is claimed that she loves wearing cropped tops, ribbed shirts, and oversized tees. As for her preferred bottoms, she reportedly prefers denim shorts and pants.

For one-piece clothing items, the idol is said to have worn dresses of different kinds. But, her reported favorite type is body cons as they flatter one’s figure and are easy to wear.

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Is ITZY Yuna The Most Fashionable, Stylish Member?

Despite having a fashionable sense of style, Yuna and the rest of the group named a different member as the most stylish one among them all.

Koreaboo said that the ITZY members discussed the matter during a sit-down talk with Cosmopolitan earlier in 2021. As noted, the idols chose Lia as the most fashionable member because of her “effortless” sense of style, adding that “she has so many styles in her.”

Watch this space for more ITZY Yuna news.

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