Kep1er Bahiyyih Diet 2022: Does She Follow Strict Regimens?

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It hasn’t been a year since Kep1er Bahiyyih and her co-members officially entered the world of K-pop. As rookie idols, fans are still getting to know each one of them.

Some of the things that avid followers want to discover about the idols include their respective diet regimens, or whether they follow one.


Having a specific diet is not uncommon among K-pop stars. So, it would not come as a shock if the Up! singers observe strict practices to stay healthy and fit.

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Does Kep1er Bahiyyih Follow Any Diet Regimen?

In the case of Bahiyyih, though, she has yet to discuss whether she follows a strict routine for her diet. It remains unclear if she restricts or limits herself from eating certain meals.

The same seemingly applies to the rest of Kep1er. The members rarely discuss their diet and workout regimens with the public.

It is likely that fans and followers will get to know more about the matter in weeks or months to come.

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Netizens' Speculations Over Idol's Weight Loss

Despite the lack of information, though, some netizens recently shared what they had noticed about the members of Kep1er. Many believed that the idols had undergone some sort of diet to lose weight.

On a Reddit thread, which first surfaced a month ago, the original poster seemingly asked about the WA DA DA singers’ diet. Commenters said in the comment section that some of the artists looked thinner, with one Redditor highlighting Bahiyyih and Hikaru.

As stated, Huening Kai’s sister appeared to have “lost volume in arms and legs,” while the Japanese member looked “very thin.”


Although it was noted that the idols looked “good” and well, the netizen pointed out that if they lose more in the weeks or months to come, “it would already be a concern.”

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Bahiyyih's Favorite Foods, Snacks

Meanwhile, Koreaboo previously reported that some of Bahiyyih’s favorite things include pasta, strawberries, and oranges. It noted, as well, that this is already “known” among fans and followers.


The Kep1er member, alongside groupmate Hikaru, also once shared with their audience that they love “sweets.” At the time, they just had their “bakery tour,” wherein they purchased various pastries and baked goods.

Watch this space for more Kep1er Bahiyyih news.

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