TWICE Sana Diet: How She Maintains Her Slim Figure Uncovered

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Sana is one of today’s most popular K-pop idols. With her skills and visuals, many individuals look up to her, even choosing her as their “bias” from the group.

Apart from this, several people also reportedly take her as their “fitness inspiration.” This comes as she has improved her overall figure, making transformations, over the years, according to Channel-Korea.

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How TWICE Sana Maintains Her Figure

It may come as a shock to some fans and followers, but Sana does not reportedly follow extreme diet regimens. Nevertheless, she is said to have observed some healthy practices for weight loss from time to time.

As claimed, the K-pop idol does not do anything out of the ordinary for her diet. She instead follows the usual three-meal consumption a day, although she minimizes her calorie intake.

It means that the TWICE member still eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner when on a diet. But, she focuses on what and how much she consumes in every meal.

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What She Eats In A Day

Kpop Starz previously said that Sana does not concern herself too much with weight gain. She is said to “normally eat whatever she wants” and, at times, satisfies her cravings.

Accordingly, even on a diet, the idol eats the same meals she prefers. These include eggs, chicken, salads, and juice.

For breakfast, the TWICE member reportedly likes eggs and accompanies it with her chosen juice drink. As for lunch, she is claimed to prefer salmon or chicken breast, which also goes for her dinner, alongside a bowl of salad.

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Workout Regimens Sana Does Regularly

Sana combines her healthy eating habits with enough exercise. She appears to have prioritized her workout routines more than her diet.


Aside from the daily hours-long dance rehearsals, the TWICE member also reportedly does yoga and Pilates. On top of that, she is said to be active in doing bodyweight training exercises, as well as going to the gym.

Watch this space for more TWICE Sana news.

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