Kep1er Xiaoting Skincare: How She Maintains, Takes Care Of Her Skin Explained

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Kep1er Xiaoting has continued to receive praise and positive remarks for her visuals. Some netizens even reportedly believe that she has one of the best faces in K-pop that debuted this year.

With her stunning visuals and impeccable looks, many appear to have wondered about how she maintains her youthful and glowing skin. Others seemingly ask whether she follows a skincare regimen like most idols today.

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How Kep1er Xiaoting Takes Good Care Of Her Skin

Unfortunately for fans and followers who wonder about the same thing, Xiaoting has yet to open up about her skincare routines. She, alongside her co-members, has yet to disclose anything about their practices in terms of how they take care of their visuals.

There is very little information about the matter. But, it is likely that the public will get to know more about the members of Kep1er in the next few months or years.

Despite the lack of details, though, it would not come as a surprise if the rookie idol has specific regimens that she follows regularly.

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Common Skincare Routines Among K-pop Idols

Allure previously stated that most people think that all K-pop stars follow the well-known 10-step Korean skincare routine. But, it appears that this is far from the truth based on the revelations of some idols.


The publication listed the routines of some popular K-pop names. The most common steps across the practices shared with them include cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and application of spot treatments and sunscreens.

It is highly likely that Xiaoting and the rest of Kep1er follow the similar skincare routines.

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About Shen Xiaoting

The 22-year-old idol first entered the world of entertainment when she joined Produce Camp 2020. However, she did not make the cut as she got eliminated on the show’s fourth episode, according to Kpop Wiki.

Xiaoting is the only Chinese member of Kep1er. She ranked ninth on Girls Planet 999, allowing her to debut with the rest of the group.

Watch this space for more Kep1er Xiaoting news.

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