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BLACKPINK Lisa Reveals Her Massive Crush For Gong Yoo

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK Lisa is currently single and not dating anyone. But, the K-pop idol has shared what her ideal man looks like in previous interviews and engagements.

She revealed she wants someone who can cook and a “kind-hearted” person who has a similar lifestyle as hers. Although Lisa has preferences when it comes to the characteristics of the person she wants to date, she did not shy away from revealing her ultimate ideal man.

As reported, she has repeatedly shared that Gong Yoo is her ideal type, and it has already become common knowledge.

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Gong Yoo Is BLACKPINK Lisa's Ideal Type

Kpop Starz said that the Coffee Prince actor is the BLACKPINK maknae’s long-time celebrity crush. She even confessed to wanting to take a photo with the South Korean star, adding that her mother is also a “massive fan.”

In one of her interviews, Lisa stated that watching lots of K-dramas helped her learn Korean effectively. But, the material she “absolutely loves” the most is Goblin because she “loves” Gong Yoo.

The K-pop idol did not shy away, as well, from revealing that she has reportedly already watched the series a couple of times.

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No One Can Reportedly Compete With The Goblin Star

Lisa’s fangirling and crushing on Gong Yoo is well-established that no one could even compete with it, according to Koreaboo. As it happened, she was once given a choice between inviting the actor or the seven celebrities from Knowing Bros to her home in Thailand.

Upon receiving the question, the K-pop idol gasped and noted that “it was a tough choice” to make for her part. But, Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo reportedly imitated her reaction as they could tell she already had an answer in her mind.

As reported, the rest of BLACKPINK already knew that Lisa’s choice would be Gong Yoo. She consequently confirmed it and added that her mom would love to meet the actor.

Watch this space for more BLACKPINK Lisa news.

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