ITZY Lia Net Worth 2022: Group's Main Vocalist Reportedly The Wealthiest Member

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ITZY Lia is the main vocalist of the five-member act from JYP Entertainment. She and her co-members debuted as K-pop idols in 2019.

Despite only having three years of experience in the K-pop scene, the group has already achieved global fame and success. This has led them to generate millions over the years, allowing each member to become official millionaires.

To date, reports said that the ICY singers are collectively worth $6.6 million.

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Is ITZY Lia The Richest Member?

Kpop Starz said Lia has a net worth of about $2 million. This makes her one of the two wealthiest members of the group.

Previously, some reports claimed that Yuna and Ryujin were the ones who have the highest net worth figure among the group. But, it appears that in the latest updates on the act’s earnings and profits, Lia and Ryujin have taken the top spots.

The publication noted that Lia and Ryujin have the same amount of wealth. ITZY leader Yeji and Yuna come in next with their respective $1.5 million net worth.

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How She Amassed Her Millions Explained

Most of Lia’s millions have reportedly come from the group’s growing and flourishing career in the world of K-pop. In the last three years, ITZY has broken several records in terms of sales, music releases, and stage performances.


Apart from the five-member act’s official activities, the idols are said to have also earned significant amounts from their endorsement deals. Since their debut, Lia and her co-members have become the faces of multiple brands, including MAC Cosmetics, Kia Motors, Louis Vuitton, and LOTTE.

In 2021 alone, the list of their endorsement contracts reportedly expanded as they have become the new muses of Gourmet Chicken and Maybelline New York.

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About Lia's Background

Netizens on Quora once discussed the background of the ITZY members. Many individuals seemingly agreed that Lia is among the K-pop idols who were born with a silver spoon.

It is also believed that she is the wealthiest member of the group, if their respective backgrounds are taken into consideration.

Watch this space for more ITZY Lia news.

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