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TWICE Momo Reveals Why, How She Lost 15 Lbs in a Week

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Momo is among the members who work out a lot. She even repeatedly went viral for her strenuous routines, seemingly impressing many fans and followers.

But, despite having an active lifestyle and fit figure today, she once had to lose weight for her career as a K-pop idol. She previously revealed what happened and how it all went down, according to Koreaboo.

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Why TWICE Momo Lost Seven Kilos In One Week

During a 2018 virtual engagement, Momo confessed to her co-members and their viewers that she had to lose 15 pounds (7 kilos) of weight before they debuted three years earlier.

The idol explained she was asked to do it "no matter what" as it was the only way to join the rest of the group for "D-day."

The TWICE member later stated that she resorted to extreme and unhealthy measures to reach the goal, noting that she had to lose the stated weight in one week.

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How Momo Reached The Targeted Weight

Momo told her co-members and their audience that she did not eat anything the whole week. Aside from starving herself, she stated she went to the gym all the time, as well.

The K-pop idol also recalled spitting all the time to minimize the water in her body. She added that she only consumed one ice cube per day, although that even sparked doubts in her, thinking it would cause her to get fat.

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The TWICE member later shared her fears at the time, revealing she was "scared" to go to bed and sleep. She said she thought she would not wake up the following morning because of the unhealthy practices she had been doing for days.

Despite going extreme with her methods, Momo recalled not losing 15 pounds in seven days. She consequently shared, however, that the company gave her three more days, allowing her to succeed.

About The Idol's Diet Today

These days, Momo lives a much healthier lifestyle.

KpopStarz reported that the TWICE member does not limit herself from eating whatever she likes whenever she gets hungry. Also, she spends hours every day working out, doing various exercises and routines.

Watch this space for more TWICE Momo news.

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