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TWICE Mina Reveals What Makes Her Leave the House as a Homebody

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Mina and her co-members debuted as K-pop idols in 2015. They all have since been together, living under one roof and sharing an apartment.

Over the years, fans have reportedly learned that Mina is a "homebody" as she always prefers the comfort of their own home. As claimed, it is even challenging for her to get out of her bed.

But, Koreaboo previously reported that there is one thing that makes her leave her bed and the house.

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TWICE Mina On What Pushes Her To Leave Their Home

The publication shared in a report published in September 2021 that the TWICE member talked about the matter during an interview with 1theK. As noted, it came after she and her co-members answered some questions for the platform's "Ask In A Box" series.

In the engagement, Mina was asked what made her go out of the house as she had been going outdoors more often. Jeongyeon even told the rest of the group that she had gone out before their interview earlier that day.

Without hesitation, the K-pop idol stated that there had been "many sales" due to the new season. She added that she needed to get a lot of things before saying, "I have watermelon juice while I shop."

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The Important Aspect Of A Home For The Idol

As a lover of staying indoors, Mina discussed the most important aspect of a home. She and group leader Jihyo tackled the matter on MBC's Where Is My Home? a few years ago.

At the time, AllKpop reported that the two TWICE members served as intern designers on the variety show.

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The act's leader was said to have noted that the bathroom is the most important aspect when looking for a home. This reportedly came after she cited their group's "biggest problem" in the shared dorm, revealing that the number of bathrooms is not enough for all of them.

But, for Mina, she was said to have highlighted that "sunlight is important" for her. She explained that she loves "being at home," adding that she wants to enjoy the sunlight from indoors, as per the outlet.

Watch this space for more TWICE Mina news.

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