Is ITZY Yuna on Instagram? The Truth Revealed

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

K-pop groups typically have one official account for each social media platform, especially during the early years of their career. ITZY Yuna and her co-members are no different as they do not have their own personal pages, including on Instagram.

The SNEAKERS singer had their official debut earlier in 2019. While they have already proven their place in the world of K-pop and South Korean entertainment, they are still relatively new to the scene, as per reports.

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ITZY Yuna Does Not Have Her Own Account

Screen Rant said that apart from official appearances, engagements, and performances, the "best place" to find Yuna and her co-members is on Instagram. It pointed out, however, that the five idols share only one account on the platform.

But, despite having only one page, the outlet stated that the account gives "special attention" to each of the idols. As explained, the official feed dedicates spaces for each member to post their own photos and clips, showing fans and followers their daily activities and lifestyle.

To date, it is unclear whether ITZY will follow other K-pop groups that have already launched individual official accounts for the members.

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A Fan-Made Page For The Maknae

Yuna may not have her own individual official account on Instagram, but her avid fans have created dedicated fan pages for her.

Among those pages, the account that carries the handle, "yuna.itzy," appears to be one of the fan-made feeds with the highest number of followers.

It now has over 293,000 followers, although it is unknown when fans launched the account. It also follows 11 accounts, possibly including fan-made pages for the rest of the ITZY members.

The account houses 505 posts, featuring Yuna's photos and selfies. It last updated its feed over the weekend, sharing three pictures of the idol with her hair in a darker tone.

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The Group's Official Instagram Account

The official Instagram account of ITZY carries the handle, ""

It has amassed more than 18 million followers since its launch. It has also made 2,514 posts, featuring Yuna and her co-members.

Watch this space for more ITZY Yuna news.

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