Kep1er Mashiro Skincare: Does She Have Routines for Her Skin?

Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Kep1er Mashiro is among the K-pop idols who continue to rise to fame. Following their group's recent comeback, the interest in the members appears to have become more apparent.

Some of the things that avid fans want to learn about the South Korean artists include their daily routines. Their skincare regimens and habits are seemingly part of it, considering that having one is common among K-pop idols.

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Does Kep1er Mashiro Have A Skincare Routine?

Unlike some South Korean celebrities, though, there remains very little information about Mashiro and her co-members' daily routines. They appear to have yet to divulge further details about their activities behind the cameras, including even their skincare regimens.

To date, there is no known information about most of the Kep1er members' practices on how they take care of their skin and visuals. It is likely, however, that fans and followers will get to know more about this aspect of their lives in the weeks or months to come.

Nevertheless, it would not come as a surprise if Mashiro and the rest of the We Fresh singers follow specific skincare routines.

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About Mashiro's Visuals

Meanwhile, Mashiro is said to be one of the members of the group who fit the Korean beauty standards the most.

Channel-Korea, in its report discussing the K-pop idols' visuals, appears to have placed Mashiro in third place. It noted that most of her facial features fit the given standard, especially her big eyes.

The publication also pointed out that the Kep1er member has a small face, v-shaped jaw, thin high nose, aegyo-sal, double eyelids, and straight eyebrows. As explained, these are "strengths" in accordance with the Korean beauty standard.

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Kep1er's Comeback With TROUBLESHOOTER

Elsewhere, Mashiro and the rest of the all-female act recently made their second comeback. They dropped their third mini-album on Thursday, with KpopStarz saying they have caught the attention of many K-pop fans, especially the group's fandom.

The album, which carries the title TROUBLESHOOTER, houses five tracks. We Fresh serves as its title track, and Kep1er released the material's music video on the group's official comeback date.

Watch this space for more Kep1er Mashiro news.

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