TWICE Jeongyeon Sparks Concern With Recent Weight Gain [PHOTO]

Credit: JYP Entertainment

Credit: JYP Entertainment

TWICE Jeongyeon joined the girl group again after going on a hiatus, but she shocked everyone with her appearance.

From neck injury to anxiety issues, TWICE member Jeongyeon endured everything to ensure she could get back to the stage again. The K-pop idol publicly spoke about her panic and anxiety issues before informing her fans she needed to take a break to focus on her health first. Not long after she came back, Jeongyeon faced injuries that prevented her from being part of the girl group's comebacks.

The K-pop idol returned to the limelight this time, shocking and making fans offer empathy toward her.

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TWICE Jeongyeon Gained Weight Due To Medications

TWICE Jeongyeon Sparks Concern With Recent Weight Gain [PHOTO]
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A Korean internet user shared before and after photos of the K-pop idol on the online community, Pann Nate. In the new pictures, Jeongyeon was wearing an off-shoulder dress that highlighted her weight gain even more.

TWICE Jeongyeon Weight Gain
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Other users replied to the thread and made fun of the TWICE member, saying she is no longer fit to be an idol. TWICE's fandom members then immediately slammed the critics and defended the idol.

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According to the information in the comments section, Jeongyeon has been taking medicines that have already caused her to gain 10 kilos. The user did not reveal what medication she is currently taking but suggested she might be taking them for her neck injury or control her panic and anxiety.

Instead of mocking Jeongyeon, fans asked everyone to be understanding and more supportive as she continued her healing journey.

Jeongyeon Braves Everything For TWICE's Fans

TWICE Jeongyeon Weight
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Jeongyeon's recent shocking return came after months of being on and off the public's eyes. It all started last year when JYP entertainment confirmed she was suffering from psychological anxiety, requiring thorough medical assistance and treatment.

The K-pop idol herself confirmed the news in one of her online broadcasts, temporarily saying goodbye to the fandom.

A video of her performing with the TWICE members also went viral last year. The clip in question showed the idol, who was obviously in pain. In her V Live event, she explained that the injury led her to lose more fan cams before disclosing she was diagnosed with a herniated disc in her neck.

She shredded weight for their Taste of Love comeback before showing weight gain again during the Alcohol Free promotion. She continued to have more visible extra fats in her recent appearance.

Fans only hope that people will not take it as an opportunity to shame Jeongyeon. Instead of humiliating the TWICE member, fans urged everyone to share empathy with her.

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