TWICE Dahyun Skincare Practices Focus On Healthy Habits

Credit: TWICE/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TWICE/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Dahyun seemingly has a different approach to skincare. Instead of having a thorough step-by-step regimen, she is reportedly focusing more on her daily habits that benefit the skin.

Reports have it that the 24-year-old K-pop idol has repeatedly revealed the things she does for her skin. She even once shared her views on beauty and how she prioritizes "inner beauty" above all things related to the subject during an interview.

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Rest And Hydration Are The Keys To Having Clear Skin For TWICE Dahyun

In 2020, Koreaboo said the TWICE member offered some helpful tips to have flawless skin during an engagement with Interview Magazine. She is said to have paired with co-member Mina for the exchange, adding that both idols provided insights into their skincare habits and practices.

For Dahyun, drinking enough water is reportedly on top of her list. As noted, she shared in the interview how critical it is to be hydrated, not only for her skin but for her health overall.

Alongside drinking lots of water, the K-pop idol is also said to have highlighted the importance of getting enough rest through sleep in taking care of the skin.

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Positive Thoughts Matter To Her, Too

In a 2020 interview with Allure, the TWICE member also mentioned the same skincare tips when asked about how she takes good care of her skin, especially on tours.

She told the outlet that she drinks a lot of water and sleeps well, before revealing that the lack of sleep stresses her out and "it always shows through my skin."

In the same engagement, Dahyun shared that she focuses "more on inner beauty." She said, "I try to be positive and calm all the time," after stating, "...when I worry too much or think negatively, it shows through my skin."

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Dahyun Reportedly Avoids Certain Cosmetic Products, As Well

Meanwhile, one of the Alcohol-Free singers' makeup stylists, Lulu Jia, spoke to ELLE Magazine later that year, according to KpopStarz. As noted, she revealed how Dahyun keeps her skin perfect.

The stylist is said to have stated that the TWICE member skips the use of powdery products to preserve and protect the natural texture of her skin. She reportedly instead uses cream-based items for her makeup, especially blushes.

Watch this space for more TWICE Dahyun news.

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