BLACKPINK Jennie's Diet Omits 'Too Much' Salt, And Here's Why

Credit: Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube Screenshot

Following a diet is one of the things that most K-pop idols do as part of their career. These include Jennie Kim, who reports revealed as the strictest member of BLACKPINK when it comes to food.

Channel-Korea previously said that the SOLO singer shared this herself in one of her interviews. In addition, fans have already seen her restrict herself from eating anything but porridge even when her co-members consume delicious meals.

This explains why she has a fit and slim proportional figure. The publication noted, though, that she obtained it with consistency, alongside a disciplined and determined mindset.

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Why Jennie Avoids "Too Much" Salt

Jennie shared that she follows a no-salt diet. It has become common knowledge among BLACKPINK fans because she has maintained the same regimen, especially during promotions.

The K-pop idol explained that "too much" salt causes her face and body to swell. Accordingly, she avoids it to keep her body in shape.

While she does not eat anything with salt, the BLACKPINK member still eats three meals a day. Her diet consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, alongside her workout routines.

In starting her day, Jennie opts for "something simple and light." She then follows it with an avocado salad for lunch and porridge for dinner.

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Insane Amount Of Water For The BLACKPINK Member

Apart from her chosen meals, the K-pop star also consumes tons of water every day. Health-Yogi reported that she loves to drink an "insane amount" of it, as well as green juices.

The publication did not include, however, what kind of fresh green juices she likes to take. It stated, though, that Jennie drinks it during dinner time. But, if not green juices, some reports said that she would take detox juices for cleansing.

Meanwhile, the BLACKPINK member's current weight is reportedly 52 kilos or about 114 pounds. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall or over 157 centimeters, making her weight an ideal one for her height.

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