TWICE Tzuyu Reportedly Deems Exercising, Working Out Fun

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Tzuyu always receives praise for her skills in singing and dancing. Aside from her talents, she also obtains compliments for her visuals, especially her hourglass figure.

For K-pop idols, going on a diet and having a workout routine appear to be part of their lifestyle. While some share details of their regimens involving their health and fitness, others remain private about this aspect of their lives.

Tzuyu is seemingly among the latter, as she has yet to disclose details about her workout regimen. Even so, reports have found some information about her fitness activities.

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About TWICE Tzuyu And Her Passion For Working Out

Channel-Korea shares in a report that Tzuyu has a positive outlook on exercising and working out. She reportedly deems it fun as these activities make her feel healthy.

The same publication notes that the TWICE maknae has a passion for it, adding that her co-members attest to it, with them reportedly saying she prioritizes working out.

\While little is known about the exercises she does, the K-pop idol is said to do her routines at night.

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Other Exercises The Idol Does

Alongside her chosen workout routines, Tzuyu is also believed to take advantage of their group's regular dance rehearsals. This comes as the nine idols spend at least nine to ten hours a day, five times a week, practicing their choreographies, according to KpopStarz.

Health-Yogi mentions the same thing in its report, covering TWICE members' diet and workout routines. It says that the Alcohol-Free singers do hours of dance practice every day, allowing them to stay in shape.

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Citing a report from Koreaboo, the same outlet recalls from the piece that Tzuyu and her co-members follow specific exercises before doing their rehearsals. It adds that the sets mostly feature basic free-body workouts, which help build and improve muscles and keep a lean figure.

As for her diet, reports shared that the TWICE maknae focuses her meals on vegetables. She reportedly avoids meat but eats fish and seafood.

Watch this space for more TWICE Tzuyu news.

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