ITZY Lia Reveals Thoughts on Her Makeup, Style Over the Years

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Wearing makeup is the norm in the world of K-pop. ITZY Lia noted that it, alongside the overall styling, even makes up a big part of their performances as it provides the vibe of their music.

The K-pop idol shared her thoughts on beauty, style, and makeup during a 2021 exchange with Allure. She and her co-members discussed how their visuals have evolved since their debut in 2019.

Before diving into the details, though, Lia is said to have shared in the engagement that wearing makeup led her to become into skincare. She revealed that she has sensitive skin, saying that she was finding it hard to keep her skin in good condition, as per the outlet.

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ITZY Lia And Her Signature Look

The magazine noted in its piece, published in January 2021 that debuting as a K-pop group under JYP Entertainment introduced the members of ITZY to the world of skincare.

But, aside from getting into the care and maintenance aspect of their skin, debuting in 2019, especially with DALLA DALLA, is also said to have established some of the idols' signature looks.

The publication stated that the material gave the public the sleek pulled-up hair of Lia for the first time, seemingly noting that her signature look is her neat high ponytail.

Months into their debut, the five K-pop idols reportedly kept the momentum with their second single titled ICY. For the specific looks and styles, Lia shared in the exchange that she and the rest of the act utilized bright eyeshadows and eyeliners as they fit into the "bright and energetic" tone of the track.

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"Darker" And "Bolder" Styles In 2020

Allure recalled in the same piece that the members of ITZY went "darker" with their makeup, styles, and overall visuals earlier in 2020.

This seemingly continued, but not without a twist, when the K-pop group dropped their Not Shy album mid-year. Lia told the outlet that some way, her and her co-members' hair and makeup became much bolder and more charismatic.

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Lia's Usual Look With Makeup On

Meanwhile, KpopStarz previously reported that Lia has a usual look that she wears amid their official activities. As stated, she utilizes smokey eyeshadows in neutral hues, alongside glitters, to highlight her big round eyes.

The publication also noted that the ITZY member draws her eyeliners in a way that extends past her eyes, giving them the shape of a water droplet.

Watch this space for more ITZY Lia news.

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