TWICE Chaeyoung Diet 2023: How She Maintains Her Figure Revealed

Credit: TWICE/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TWICE/YouTube Screenshot

Going on a diet is common among K-pop idols. While most do it to achieve their fitness goals, others follow regimens to maintain their shape, like TWICE Chaeyoung, as per reports.

Channel-Korea shares in a report that the 23-year-old South Korean celebrity is not the type of person who goes on strict and extreme diets. It comes as she is said to focus more on how she would maintain and "stabilize" her figure instead of losing weight.

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How TWICE Chaeyoung Maintains Her Shape

The outlet notes in the same piece, published in June 2022, that weight and figure maintenance is an unavoidable demand, especially in the world of K-pop. It even cites Chaeyoung, reportedly saying in part, "I have a job based on physical appearance…"

As to how the TWICE member maintains her figure to date, she reportedly does intermittent fasting to help her with her goal. However, the report does not provide details when it comes to the specifics of her fasting approach.

Even so, the publication adds that the K-pop idol limits her daily meal count to two. Likewise, though, it does not share further information with regard to the times she eats these meals per day.

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What She Eats In A Day

There is also very little information about what Chaeyoung eats in a day. Health-Yogi even notes in its profile for the idol that her diet remains unknown to the public.

Nevertheless, the outlet assumes that the TWICE member consumes food moderately. It also says that she likely focuses her meals on fruits and vegetables, allowing herself to stay fit.

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Despite the lack of knowledge, though, when it comes to the specific meals she eats in a day, the K-pop idol once revealed what she and her co-members always consume, according to Koreaboo.

The publication recalled in a previous report that Chaeyoung and the rest of the act had an engagement with WIRED, wherein they were asked about the meals they eat in a day.

Following the responses from the other members of TWICE, Chaeyoung is said to have revealed that they "always drink coffee" even if they do not have meals.

Watch this space for more TWICE Chaeyoung news.

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