To Your Eternity Ending Explained

Credit: Brain's Base

Credit: Brain's Base

To Your Eternity released its final heartbreaking, and, admittedly, a bit confusing episode. Fushi, who started off as an orb, is now a fully developed human boy, but being the only immortal one is hard, and life won't give him a break – nor will the anime stop breaking our hearts. A Season 2 seems called for at this point, but here is an explanation of what we have so far:

To Your Eternity Ending Explained: What Happened toPioran?

After a long struggle, Fushi reunites with Pioran. While he hated to put her in danger, he couldn't stand the thought of not being there to care for her. Pioran recognizes him, even in Mia's form, and the two decide to keep spending her life together.

Fushi's creator warns him that the elderly woman will die soon anyway, but Fushi refuses to believe that. Concocting a rigid schedule for himself, he's always alert and runs off whenever the Nokkers appear so as not to put Pioran in danger.

The two spend very happy times together, and Pioran talks to Fushi about her past, revealing that she is content because she always strived for what she wanted in life. Besides, she feels blessed for having Fushi as an adopted grandchild.

Sadly, Pioran's behavior changes soon after. It's easy for the viewers to understand what is happening, but Fushi doesn't know about dementia. He keeps taking care of Pioran devotedly and doesn't believe she would die.

In a moment of clarity, a weakened Pioran is able to see Fushi's creator and asks him to let her reincarnate into a form that will be more useful to Fushi. The creator informs her that her soul wouldn't be identical if put in a different body and in different circumstances but she insists, so he promises to meet her before her soul can go to heaven.

A youthful Pioran is then seen walking by a seashore. The creator arrives and puts her essence into an orb akin to Fushi's initial form. We'll avoid manga spoilers here, but judging from what we're shown in the anime, it seems like Pioran will be reincarnated in some way, though she'll likely be unrecognizable.

The fact that Pioran seemed to literally enter a white orb makes me think that her new form could potentially be an immortal one or at least one with powers akin to Fushi's. Many of Fushi's problems stem from the fact that he is the only one of his kind, so someone like him would change his life dramatically. Unfortunately, we have to wait for more To Your Eternity content to find out.

To Your Eternity Ending Explained: Where Is Fushi Now?

Fushi is devastated after Pioran's death, and for a while, he doesn't know how to proceed. Then, he sees a note from her, urging him to seek what he wants to do in life and pursue it, just like she did. This gives him hope and strength for the future, even if he must live with the deaths of all his loved ones.

Consoled, Fushi spends many uneventful decades on the island where he and Pioran dwelled until something new comes to shake his peaceful life.

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To Your Eternity Ending Explained: What About the Nokkers?

Episode 20 featured no lengthy fight scene, like previous episodes. The Nokkers hunted Fushi and Pioran on several occasions, but they always ran away rather than remain and fight.

In the last moments of the finale, Fushi, now in the form of a middle-aged man, is violently thrown into the sea following an explosion. Instead of being worried, he laughs.

The forcefulness of the attack suggests that the Nokkers returned – then why is Fushi laughing? My suspicion is that he spent all those decades training alone, as had been his plan before, and he now feels ready to face his nemesis. Let's hope that a potential Season 2 will shed light on this, and all the other mysteries yet to be explored.

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