Is the To Your Eternity Anime Based on a Manga or Light Novel, and Is It Finished or Ongoing? Current Status

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Is the To Your Eternity Anime Based on a Manga or Light Novel and Is It Finished or Ongoing Current Status Fushi

To Your Eternity premiered last year and is airing its second season now. The anime is about an immortal who was sent to Earth without an identity or emotions. Is the fantasy anime based on a manga or a light novel, and is it finished or ongoing? Find out the latest update below!

Known as Fushi, the immortal being has the ability to take on the shape of those that were around him, especially those that leave a strong impression on him. Some forms he took were that of an orb, rock, and wolf.


He eventually took the form of a boy and continued to travel the world by taking more forms and unlocking other abilities.

Table of Contents

Fushi can create objects and resurrect the dead, and his mission is to preserve the world.

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Is the To Your Eternity Anime Based on a Manga or a Light Novel?

Is the To Your Eternity Anime Based on a Manga or a Light Novel Fushi

The anime To Your Eternity is based on a Japanese manga series of the same name that was written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Oima. Weekly Shonen Magazine began its serialization in November 2016.

The manga has an English version as Kodansha USA acquired the license for its printed and digital release.


Is To Your Eternity Finished or Ongoing?

Is To Your Eternity Finished or Ongoing March

The first arc of the series finished on December 4, 2019, while the second arc started in January 2020 and is still ongoing as of writing. The manga now has 18 volumes, with the latest one released on September 16, 2022.

There are no hints of the manga ending yet, so fans of To Your Eternity can expect to see their favorite characters for a long time.


Fans who are interested to read the manga can go to Kodansha's official site. The site gives fans the option to read the manga online or buy it.

As for the anime, the first season ran from April to August 2021, while the second season made its premiere on October 23, 2022.

What Is Fushi's Purpose?

What Is Fushi's Purpose Fushi

As mentioned, To Your Eternity's protagonist follows an immortal being named Fushi, who was sent to Earth in order to evolve and change through emotional stimulation.

The Beholder created Fushi. They sent the immortal to Earth to preserve the world. The interesting thing about Fushi is that he can take any form as long as it has given him stimuli.

For those who are curious, Fushi's original form is a white sphere. After some time on Earth, he took the form of The Nameless Boy who has white hair, green eyes, and a pale complexion.


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