Titanfall 2 Creators Discuss Single-player Development & Gameplay Variety

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The biggest change that fans can expect for Titanfall 2 is the addition of a single-player campaign. From what has been shown so far, the campaign is shaping up to be a good addition to the game, which is saying something, since the current multiplayer has received mixed views from players.

Speaking with VG 247, Titanfall 2 art director Joel Emslie revealed the development challenges and steps that the team had taken when creating the campaign for Titanfall 2.


One interesting aspect was the fact that the team was given a sort of free pass to create expansive environments that were aesthetically and artistically spectacular. This promises players of environments that they can stop to appreciate and explore, as there are even some areas that seem to span forever.

"That was the best part about doing a really robust single player—we could really focus in and build a really cohesive world that actually links together level by level."

More than the world-building, Emslie also stated that there's variety in Titanfall 2, enough to not make it like the usual shooter titles that are usually done in one round-about. What makes Titanfall 2 different is that there's a level of variability in the mechanics.

For one, players can choose not to use a Titan. That means they can get out of the mech and try to dominate an area using just your skills. It's also a great way to discover some new areas, levels, and weapons that you may never know existed.

When asked if players can expect a lot more than what was offered, Emslie responded positively.

"What we've shown so far is actually very conservative – some of the other stuff that you'll see in single player is absolutely insane. There's some cool moments in there that I love replaying because I just want to experience that stuff over and over again. It's Titanfall."

Titanfall 2 will be out on the PS4 and Xbox One on Oct. 28. It will not be available via EA Access or Origin Access, as per EA's new announcement.

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