Star Wars: The Old Republic to Get Secret Bonus Chapter

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Ever wanted to play as HK-55 in Star Wars: The Old Republic? Then you may want to check out the game this week, as a secret bonus chapter will be heading your way.

According to GameSpot, the DLC will be available on Sept. 7. The only condition is that you should have been subscribed to the game from January through August.


A video, seen below, shows the new chapter titled Shroud of Memory. For this new chapter, players will be able to maneuver their way through as assassin droid HK-55. This is the new and improved version of HK-47, and his mission is to go after the villain called Shroud.

From the looks of it, the new DLC chapter will have its own brand of attitude. BioWare had focused on combat abilities and settings that are more suitable for robots than humans and other living beings.

It also seems that the bonus chapter is truly for the fans. After 16 chapters in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the developer has gotten the gist of what fans would like to see. That's why as far as ability, combat difficulty, and storyline go, Shroud of Memory may be the most playfully fit for the fans.

The 13-minute-long video shows the interlude for the chapter. You can see HK-55's attitude, a far contrast from the chipper of a robot ZO-OM.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's bonus chapter is a great way to while the waiting time for the next expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, set to launch in October.

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