Gintama Live-Action Film Wraps Up Gintoki’s Scenes With Commemorative Sketch

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The live-action Gintama is moving along at a fine pace. Director Yuichi Fukuda confirmed via his Twitter that filming for the lead character Gintoki's scenes, played by Shun Oguri, has wrapped up.

What's more, Gintama creator Hideaki Sorachi has even given a sketch that commemorates the milestone of the live-action, Anime News Network reported.


If that's not enough to celebrate, the official Twitter account of the movie also has a few stills of very, very familiar scenes. Gintama fans, get ready to spot some nostalgic scenes in real life this time.


I personally love the look of the Yorozuya second floor building. I do hope they will have the running gag of having it as the backdrop while the characters do their dialogues. Though as a fan of the seiyuus, it may feel a bit weird not to hear Tomokazu Sugita's voice for Gintoki for a scene like that.

There's also a scene of an ichigo (strawberry) hanging outside the house—though that might be a shout-out to Gintoki's ichigo-patterned underwear. You can also see the "sugar content" sign in the Yorozuya office, the sign from Otose's snack bar, Kagura's many sukombus, and several Jump magazines on what presumably is Gintoki's drawer.

Elizabeth also made an appearance on one of the cups, but they better have a real-live mascot with an ossan underneath, just like the real Elizabeth we know and love.


There are still no details on the story. Based on the revealed cast, they could very well adapt earlier stories from the manga/anime. There is a screenshot of beetles—so should we expect the stag beetle-hunting episode? Still, I would prefer a nice new story from Sorachi-sensei. Any new material from the Gorilla-mangaka is love, am I right?

Gintama the live-action film will be shown in Japan in 2017.

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