Thor: Love and Thunder's Hercules Actor Breaks Silence About His MCU Future

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Alongside two Mighty Thors roaming around Thor: Love and Thunder, the film also introduced several new characters like Christian Bale as Gorr The God Butcher and Russell Crowe as the God of Lightning Zeus.

However, one big revelation in the film was when Zeus' son made a surprise appearance in the post-credits, and that is no other than Hercules. Now, Hercules actor opens up about his brief inclusion in the film, and his future in the mega-franchise.

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In an interview with Variety, Brett Goldstein finally breaks his silence about his recent inclusion in Thor: Love and Thunder as the son of Zeus, Hercules.

When asked about his MCU future, Goldstein admitted uncertainty about his next move as the Olympian son of Zeus. “I truly, honestly — this isn’t me lying or being coy — I know nothing,” Goldstein said. “All I know is what I did that day and that’s it. That could be it. It was a fun three seconds.”

Goldstein also recalled a hilarious moment when he let his mom watch Thor: Love and Thunder without knowing that he was in the post-credits scene. He said, “I didn’t tell anyone because Marvel put a chip in my neck that said ‘If you talk about this you’re dead... my mom and dad, I sent them a text and said ‘I’ve just seen 'Thor'... I knew it’s not the kind of film they’d see. I said, ‘You should go see it. It’s funny... my mom is texting me all the way through the film giving me a running commentary... I’m like, ‘Just watch the film!’ It gets to the end bit, where it shows Russell Crowe… My mom texts me ‘Russell Crowe’s in it again, he’s very funny.’ I go, ‘Fucking look up at the screen!'”

Despite Goldstein's doubtful MCU future, Marvel Studios and Taika Waititi wouldn't surely authorize his appearance as Hercules for no apparent reason. Of course, Thor: Love and Thunder intends to introduce the character momentarily, but his post-credits inclusion already implies a future for the character. Lastly, the post-credits scene saw Hercules vowing to avenge his father Zeus, which means an epic battle between two mighty characters is about to come. For sure, there are many more exciting things ahead for Goldstein's Hercules in the next Thor-related projects and we can already foresee him to be the next big bad for Thor 5.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now showing in theaters worldwide.

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