Thor: Love and Thunder: Is Thor Using the Stormbreaker as the New Bifrost?

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Now that a new teaser is out, the hype lives on for Thor: Love and Thunder as the fourth film of the titular character explore what happens to him after Endgame. With the destruction of Asgard, all that comes with the realm perished with Hela after Ragnarok completed his prophecy. The new clip suggests something else, so, is Thor using the Stormbreaker, his latest weapon, as the new Bifrost?

Thor: Love and Thunder: Is Thor Using the Stormbreaker as the New Bifrost?

As Asgard perished with Hela when Ragnarok completed his prophecy, the Bifrost also went with the destruction of the realm and given that such has been the doorway to wherever, Thor and the rest of the universe had to look for another way and for the titular character, he wouldn’t need to go far as the Stormbreaker possesses this ability, too.

In the teaser, while it isn’t directly shown, at one point where Thor wears his newest costume, the sharp end of the Stormbreaker glows a light similar to that of the Bifrost and given that he is riding some kind of ship, it suggests that Thor is now using the weapon as something like a new Bifrost.

This would not be the first time Thor would be using his weapon for navigation. It was first seen in Infinity War after the Stormbreaker was crafted by Eitri and Thor arrived in Wakanda with Rocket and Groot in an entrance that surprised everyone.

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The Stormbreaker has the power to summon the Bifrost bridge by channeling dimensional energy enabling its wielder to go from one point to another. For Thor, it helps him enhance and focus his abilities. Forged from Uru, the weapon is said to be the greatest ever designed for a king but it was never created until Thor arrived on Nidavellir.

It would be no surprise if the God of Thunder would be using it as the new Bifrost bridge in his latest film and to have the abilities of the Stormbreaker explored more would be a delight to many especially to those who follow the redemption of Thor after everything that has happened to him.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to premiere in theaters on July 8, 2022.


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