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Thomas Markle Sr. Questions Meghan Markle’s Recent Statement About Forgiveness: ‘Why Can’t She Forgive Me?’

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Credit: The Ellen Show/YouTube Screenshot

Thomas Markle Sr. is questioning his daughter Meghan Markle's recent stance about forgiveness. After all, it's been years since the father and daughter's relationship has been estranged, and the Duchess of Sussex doesn't seem to have any plans to reconcile with her dad.

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Meghan Markle Says Forgiveness Is Important

During an interview with The Cut, Meghan Markle was asked if she believes there's space for reconciliation with the members of the royal family, as well as her own family, and she said yes.

"I think forgiveness is really important. It takes a lot more energy to not forgive. But it takes a lot of effort to forgive," she said.

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Thomas Markle Sr. Wants To Know Why Meghan Markle Can't Forgive Him

After hearing her response, Thomas couldn't help but wonder why Markle hasn't forgiven him even though she said that forgiveness is important.

"If she really believes in forgiveness then why can't she forgive me? I have apologized to her multiple times for any hurt and pain I might have caused her. I love my daughter. She talks about forgiveness, so why not start with her own family? What about forgiving me?" he said (via The Insider).

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Thomas Markle Sr. Wants Meghan Markle To Know That He's Always Ready To Talk To Her

Thomas also reacted to Markle's statement about losing her dad in a conversation with Prince Harry about tabloid culture. Those following the father and daughter's feud would know that it all started after Thomas posed for fake photos ahead of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's royal wedding in 2018.

"Harry said to me, 'I lost my dad in this process.' It doesn't have to be the same for them as it was for me, but that's his decision," Markle said.

Thomas fired back by saying that he was not lost.

"She knows where to find me. My number hasn't changed. I would love to hear from my daughter and meet my son-in-law and my grandkids for the first time," Thomas said.


While it is true that Thomas apologized to Markle and Prince Harry on multiple occasions, it cannot also be denied how many times he slammed the couple during his interviews.

Markle has also been estranged from her half-siblings, Thomas Sr. and Samantha Markle, who also continue to slam her after all of the Duchess of Sussex's interviews.

As such, it's unclear if the Markle family would ever be able to reconcile. But one can only hope that it can happen for the sake of Prince Harry and Markle's children, Archie and Lilibet.

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