The Walking Dead Spoilers May Have Leaked Negan’s Victims & More Season 7 Scenes

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Fair warning, possible spoilers ahead.

And yes, the title isn't a typo. Following so many speculations set off by The Walking Dead's very own Greg Nicotero, it seems that the producer's words held a lot of weight.

That weight pertains to how many victims Negan actually killed. In this case, it's more than the one expected by many viewers, especially those who are following the comics.


To avoid more spoilers, we've left out the names of the two victims, which you can check out in the official link here. The leaked info comes from The Spoiling Dead, a fan group dedicated towards bringing updates to fans on what's happening with The Walking Dead.

Be warned that there are at least eight episodes' worth of spoilers somewhere along the mix. But if you ask me, the spoiler is basically a confirmation, as the names have already been brought up during many fan speculations before—yes, think about that hint for a minute.

The Spoiling Dead Fans group is also responsible for updating fans on ongoing filming. Of course, it's still highly possible that these spoilers don't come to fruition, so better take this with a grain of salt until the season premieres.

If the spoilers are true, then I guess there would be a whole lot of questions as to the showrunners' choice of kills. Half of you might say "I knew it" while the other half will be wondering if it was the right call. I guess I'm with the latter half, but it does save me the grief of saying goodbye to my bias this season.

The Walking Dead will return for its seventh run on Oct. 23.

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