The Walking Dead’s Negan is a Slightly Different Badass from the Comics

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Negan has been the highlight characterin The Walking Dead—and that's saying something considering that the most we've seen him is long season-ender dialogue in season 6.

Granted, that was punched up with him bashing in someone's head with Lucille, but that's beside the point. When Negan entered the scene, he had everyone's attention.

It seems that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has put a lot of thought into how he portrays the next Big Bad in The Walking Dead.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actor revealed that while they had followed Negan's line as closely as possible with the script, they had added a little of their own interpretation to the character.

"So what we've created is very disarming. I think there is this f—ing charm and devil may care, but you're going to do it my way. But he does it with a smile. But when hat violence comes, there is no doubting what this guy is going to do and how he's going to do it, and I think we've established that very early on, that at any given moment you can die in front of Negan. What I hope is that it does make it scarier."

I think we've seen this in action in the few minutes that Negan was onscreen in the last season. He has that very wily confidence that makes him look like the king of his world. And considering the events that will unfold in the premiere episode, I'm pretty sure this is exactly what the showrunners and Morgan were gunning for.

The Walking Dead will be back on AMC on Oct. 23 for season 7.

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