The Walking Dead New Official Teaser May Have a New Clue on Who Died

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There’s still a good two months left until we get to see the first episode of The Walking Dead. The latest trailer, however, is looking to get us back on the speculation mill with a new little detail.

The video, seen below, is barely a minute long. It doesn’t even feature any outstanding characters as far as the new season goes. And it doesn’t feature any action scenes either—just one man, Dwight, walking in a deserted road with nothing but immobile zombies scattered on the ground.


But fans may know what clue we’re talking about the moment Dwight turns his back to the audience. It’s the leather vest with angel wings, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Being a big Daryl fan, of course the first thing is shock. What is Dwight doing with Daryl’s vest? And it’ll dawn on you that he’s also maneuvering a motorcycle through the zombies on the road. Is that also Daryl’s?

Closer inspection would reveal that, no, it’s not. But that doesn’t really give us any more clues to work with. We do have to consider when exactly this happens. As far as the creators’ statements are concerned, we’ll know who dies because of Negan in episode 1.

We don’t know when the sneak peek scene happens, but I guess it really doesn’t make anything better, as this may signal that something will happen to Daryl.

Any thoughts on the official sneak peek? Are you scared that Daryl’s dead? Or are you holding on to the fact that he’s probably one with the most number of fans in the show—and killing him off would piss a lot more off?


The Walking Dead will be back for its seventh season on Oct. 23.

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